MIStar® is a multi-modality, multi-module and multi-purpose software package with a broad spectrum of functionalities ranging from the very basic image visualization/analysis to the most advanced functions such as whole body perfusion, multi-modality image fusion and diffusion tensor Imaging.

MIStar® supports various manufacturer-dependent advanced protocols. It can run on existing OEM/PACS workstations, or on stand alone desktop or laptop PCs. It provides streamlined workflow with an intuitive interface.

Advanced Modules

  • CT Perfusion - Body Tumor
  • CT Perfusion - Liver
  • CT Perfusion - Kidney
  • CT Perfusion - Stroke
  • CT Perfusion - Brain Tumor
  • DCE-MRI (T1) Curve Analysis
  • DSC-MRI (T2*) Curve Analysis
  • Enhancement Pattern Analysis
  • *DCE-MRI Breast (MRM)
  • Image Fusion (Voulme Fusion)
  • *NM Renogram Analysis
  • *Research Package -
    (including quantitative DSC- & DCE-MRI perfusion/permeability models, DWI/ADC/Anisotropy, DTI fiber tractography, ASL-FAIR, BOLD fMRI, T1 & T2 mapping, CT SPV and PET SUV, etc.)

* this module is for research purpose only.

Basic Features

Data Access & Image Input

  • DICOM networking functions
  • Import data from media (CD/DVD)
  • Support CT, MR, NM, PET, etc
  • Intuitive clinical database
  • Easy anonymization & archiving

Image Display & Manipulation

  • Multi-series / multi-image layout
  • Interactive image manipulations
  • Multi-series comparison & synchronization
  • Image overlay and movie mode

3D/4D/5D Visualization

  • Oblique MPR, MIP and reformat
  • Combined MIP/MeanIP/Sub/Ratio
  • Surface/volume rendering & movie
  • Real time 3D manipulations

Processing & Analysis

  • Image filtering & enhancement
  • Geometric measurement & segmentation
  • Automatic ROI growing with histogram analysis

Result Output & Presentation

  • Save results to database & send to PACS
  • Tabulate and export statistical results
  • Snapshot & paste into desktop programs (PowerPoint/Word, etc)
  • Create web page report with automatic annotations
  • Export pictures and movies
  • Save & Restore work for use at later time
  • Batch processing of multiple saved works overnight

System Requirements

MIStar® is very efficient in handling large amout of imaging data. It effectively turns a desktop and laptop PC into a powerful workstation. The minimum system requirements are:

  • OS: 64bit Windows 7/10/11 or Server 2012/2016/2019/2022;
  • CPU: Intel Core i3+ or equivalent (4+ CPU threads);
  • RAM: 4GB+ (recommend 8GB+);
  • Disk space: ~250MB for software installation (recommend 500GB+ for image data);
  • Monitor: Single or multiple color LEDs (1280x800 or higher);
  • Standard yeyboard & mouse;
  • Standard network (recommend Gigabit LAN);
* Supports Apple/MacOS system running Windows in VM mode or Bootcamp.

Note: The 32-bit version of MIStar will reach its end of support in 2021 and we will no longer deply or support 32-bit MIStar from 2022 onward. Users may continue using their existing 32-bit MIStar installations without further support or feature update. Please contact your MIStar supplier for 64-bit upgrade options or special arrangements.