CTP Liver Module features modeling of dual blood supply from the aorta and portal vein using a fast and robust deconvolution algorithm, parametric curve analysis, spatial and temporal noise reduction, intelligent ROI and histogram analysis with automated region growing. Features include:

  • Arterial blood flow
  • Portal blood flow
  • Total blood flow
  • Arterial fraction
  • Outflow rate
  • Distribution volume fraction
  • Peak height
  • Area under curve
  • Maximum slope
  • Time to peak
  • Arrival time
  • Mean transit time

Case #1 (left) CT Perfusion reveals abnormal flow in a patient with liver mass. The plot displays the model fitted curve (cyan) compared to the measured data (yellow). The fitted arterial (red) and portal (blue) components are also displayed. Data courtesy of Drs Alex Pitman and Eddie Lau, Peter MacCallum Cancer Center.

Case #2 (right) Abnormal arterial and portal flow in a patient with liver mass (top row). Arterial flow reduction (bottom row) was detected at 1 month after drug therapy. Color arterial flow maps are overlaid on the corresponding CT image. Data courtesy of Dr Benjamin M. Yeh, MD, UCSF, USA.