DWI and DTI** features fast processing of various diffusion maps, supporting various manufacturer-dependent DTI encoding schemes and unlimitted number of diffusion encoding directions. Features include:

  • Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC)**
  • Isotropic DWI (DWIiso)**
  • Exponential ADC (eADC)**
  • ADC tensor eigen values**
  • ADC tensor eigen vector plot**
  • Fractional anisotropy (FA)**
  • Relative anisotropy (RA)**
  • Volume anisotropy (VA)**
  • Surface anisotropy (SA)**
  • Directionally-encoded color (DEC) anisotropy**
  • DTI fiber tractography**

Maps of DWIiso, ADC, FA and ADC tensor eigen vector plot.

DEC anisotropy maps and fiber tractography.

** These functions have not been cleared by the FDA, and are for research uses only.